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"...legends speak of a colossal maze that extends deep underground, "Matmurah", this bullet hell fortress is said to be the the place where ancient relics with powers beyond our understanding lie, vanished from the overworld for causing wars, conflicts and diseases amongs all who wished their powers. Rumors say that some of these relics give life to the dead, other takes it from the living and even one of them allows it's holder to manipulate time at will. Only the bravest warriors would even dare to think about going inside Matmurah, since Relics are guarded by some of the deadlies and scariest creatures to have ever existed..."


VaultRaiders is a fast paced 3D Voxel Top Down Shooter with rogue-like and dungeon crawler elements, taking the best from each genre.

It takes place on an epic underworld filled with enemies which destroy everything on their way, you willl have at your disposal a vast array of weapons to help you finish them all. Enhance your aim and upgrade your weapons, your wits and reflexes will be your best ally. It plays like Nuclear Throne and Dungeon Crawlers combined. Action, upgrade systems, allies, destructible environments, strong enemies, epic weapons, final bosses, hazards and much more... What are you waiting for to be the next VaultRaider.

Progress, Status of the Game & Kickstarter

The game is in a prototype phase, planned initially PC, Mac, Linux (DRM-Free or Steam), though I would love to expand to other platforms like PS4, Vita and Switch.

You can play through the first level of the game till you reach and kill the boss of the zone.

Currently we have a Running Kickstarter campaign, if you like the game please go and support it's development by visiting the campaign. 

Kickstarter Campaign: Vault Raiders kickstarter

Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HaiqGames


WASD - Move

Left Mouse Button - Fire / Shoot

E - Pickup / Open / Action

Q - Swap Weapon

R - Reload Weapon


VaultRaiders-Windows-Demo.zip 41 MB
VaultRaiders-MacOSX-Demo.zip 35 MB
VaultRaiders-Linux-Demo.zip 38 MB


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Looks a bit like an Enter The Gungeon clone

Hope my criticism wasn't too harsh

Definitely agree with another commentor, needs some music. It's a good start though! Besides the lack of graphic options and some little glitches here and there, it's a great groundwork for a dungeon-crawler.

Thank you for the feedback and the video, Looks aweasome!  We will add some background music and extra SFX to the next version of the demo. :D

I had a lot of fun playing this. And I like the style.


For a proof of concept, this isn't bad but I worry you might not be setting your best foot forward for a crowdfunding campaign. The dungeon crawling is satisfying and the combat feels fast and weighty, but it feels like there is a lot missing, even for a demo. The complete lack of music or other sfx makes the world feel empty and it seems like there are some mechanics that have only been partially implemented like whatever the pickups were throughout. I'd be interested to see where else this goes though. Best of luck on your campaign!


Great game, i wanted more of it! I hope you are successfull in your Kickstarter campaign as I'm really looking forward to the finished game! I hope you don't mind i did a Lets Play of it along with some other gems from Itch.

Thank you so much for playing it and making the let's play video, also really appreciate the feedback. We have planned quite a bit more content for the full release. Hopefully we can succesfully we funded on KS.